7 Morning Habits That Will Transform Your Day

Your morning routine can make or break your day; it is like building dominoes: you line everything up for success, but one wrong move, and it will come falling over. In between the flurry of activities, what can we do to set ourselves up for a productive day?

Creating the best morning routine may sound a little daunting like you are putting too much pressure on yourself. However, adjusting a few simple tweaks to your day is more achievable than you think.

To set the right tone for your day, take a look at some habits you can incorporate into your morning ritual.

Rising early.

It is appealing to steal a few more minutes of sleep but pressing that snooze button may harm your day. You are probably setting yourself to be less productive because you are repeatedly waking yourself out of deep sleep. Try to get to bed early so you can get up well-rested and allow yourself to wake up naturally.

Stop checking your phone.

Aside from your alarm, do your best not to check any emails or social media first thing in the morning. This can trigger your inner critic and may affect how you view the rest of the day—being your day instead of self-affirming habits like journaling or meditation.

Organizing your day.

Upon waking up and you have no idea what to do for the day, or there is a deadline coming up, then you are already off to a frantic start. Psychologist suggests you plan your day the night before. This way, you will feel ready to take on the day in the morning.

Stay hydrated.

It has been proven that drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning can make you feel refreshed and ease your body into digestion. From sleeping six (or hopefully eighth) ours, your body is dehydrated. So it is way better to avoid reaching for that coffee and consume water first upon waking up.

Eat a hearty breakfast.

Have you been told of the importance of breakfast? Well then listen up, more than eating, being mindful of what you eat is critical to your body. Eating a healthy breakfast consisting of fruits, nuts, or oats will satisfy your body and brain. Try to skip the croissants or doughnuts, as anything with sugar can give you a high then crash just as soon as you reach your desk.

Drinking smoothies with supplements.

Preparing smoothies and drinking them on the go, or together with your breakfast is a regular occurrence in these modern times. Using a combination of fruits and vegetables adds to the nutrition. Adding a collagen supplement with your protein smoothies can optimize the health benefits it can do to your body.

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Although achieving that ideal morning ritual is not an exact science, it is helpful to follow these steps, one day at a time to revolutionize your day.

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