7 Wellness Tips That Don’t Cost The Earth

Overall wellness during this unprecedented time is a common goal for people every day. Usually, when we think of keeping healthy, our go-to is piling our groceries with fruits and vegetables, to discard sweets, and hit the gym or exercise at the end of the day.

However, approaching it with a holistic mindset is a must; you should be able to embrace all aspects of a healthy lifestyle - for true wellness, you need to take care of yourself from the inside out.

Want to glow from within? Here are our top 7 tips that you can do from home.

Manage Stress.

With the added tension of not being able to go out when you want, controlling your stress levels has never been more vital. Yes, it has a massive impact on our body, affecting our mental health, and can result in a weight gain (or loss) and even make us more susceptible to illness and disease.

One of the best things you can do for yourselves is to clear your mind off things that stress you out. You can start with mediation, to help calm your mind and lowers your anxiety level. Several studies show that a few minutes of meditation can make a lot of difference!

Keep Yourself Hydrated.

Drinking water is not just a requirement that doctors suggest; it actually helps us feel more alert and focused and get rid of any brain fog. Since our bodies are mainly made up of water, replenishing it throughout the day helps us feel our best.

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Get Moving.

It has been a problem since the dawn of smartphones how people keep on hitting the snooze button instead of just getting up. This action may cause you to miss out your morning workouts. As by doing exercise, a sudden surge of feel-good endorphins is what you needed to set you up for the rest of the day.

Get More Sleep.

Unfortunately, most of us take for granted how essential having a full 8 hour of sleep is in our life. Getting plenty of hours gives our body time to rest and can significantly improve our emotional well-being. Having enough sleep reduces stress and gives you a beauty boost by waking up looking refreshed.

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Prioritize Relaxation.

After a long day of work, making sure you get your needed relaxation time is a necessity. It is critical to take time out every single day for yourself to avoid the feeling of burn out. It does not have to be lavish or time-consuming, browsing a good book or article while sipping wine or coffee, putting face mask, running a hot bath - allow yourself a quality me time for a good 20 uninterrupted minutes.


In this age of technology, anything is now possible. Especially connecting to loved one who lives hundreds of miles away. We must continue to invest and nurture our relationship with our family and friends, and make sure that not even distance can hinder it. By doing this, it can help boost your mental health and put you in a better mood.

Look After Your Gut.

Recent research is now beginning to understand the importance of gut health to our overall health. A healthy gut does not only mean a healthy body as we all have a gut/mind connection. Some may say our second brain is said to be in our tummies, which can largely determine our mood and brain health.

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