Are Marine Collagen Supplements Safe?

Even though it seems like the latest toast of the town in health and wellness, collagen is nothing new. Our ancestors, who scourged the land and hunted for their food, ate large quantities of collagen in the form of animal bones - and consequently, it leads for them not just to survive, but thrive.

Now collagen from underwater sources claims to be good for skin health, but you might be thinking it's as safe as other collagen sources. Knowing that there are mercury, pollutant, and other toxins found in our waters, it's no wonder you might have doubts about buying them.

But is there any truth to that?

Good news, since mercury build up in the fat of fish, and since marine collagen made up of purified protein, there is a reduced risk for mercury contamination.

Including collagen peptides in your dietary supplement is both safe and well-tolerated. However, before taking any supplement, it is better to have your stomach full to avoid any gastrointestinal upsets. As well as taking them in smaller doses first then build up gradually to the required dosage for maximum effect.

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It does not hurt to confirm with your doctor first (especially if you have pre-existing conditions). If you have allergies in seafood, specifically to fish or shellfish, you should be careful in considering using marine collagen. Same as if you have diagnosed kidney stones, you should consult a medical professional first (as too much protein raises levels of uric acid and can start stones forming) before including anything in your diet.

In the event you still wanted to be doubly sure of a supplement's safety, you can get in touch with the manufacturer's company. Also, you can look for third-party certification on the label (there are usually a number of them posted there) if you only want to settle for the best.

Now that we've covered the safety precautions, it is refreshing news to know that collagen may help bridge the critical gap in our modern diet too. If you want to see what collagen products have the best results, check out our choices here:

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