Being Forty and Fabulous

If you started your 30s being conscious about your health, then 40s is the time to get serious about it.

By the time you turn in your 40s, your skin cell turnover rate has halved since your 20s. This only means wrinkles have started to appear, and your skin is probably a little less radiant. But don't be afraid about this, there are now companies specializing in health products catered for specific body needs.

It is interesting to note that women today are more aware and highly inclined to follow strict diets and drink supplements to attain their optimal health goal.

So read on below to the vitamins essential at this stage in your life.

Fish Oil

Women in their 40s are preparing to enter peri-menopause - the stage before menopause and may start to experience hot flashes.

Fish oil is a great supplement that supports heart and brain health, both of which are crucial for maintaining well-being beyond the 30s.


This spice commonly used in Indian food also serves as an effective anti-viral and anti-inflammatory that can aid in decluttering the body of some toxic buildup that accumulates from our diet and lifestyle.

Vitamin B Complex

As you age, it can also alter the functioning of our organs - getting enough B vitamins is a vital part of keeping the cellular and organ system processes of our body running smoothly.

These B vitamins work together and individually to support mood, good cholesterol, enhances energy since they help convert food into fuel.


Of course, by now you've noticed your metabolism is not what it used to be, chromium supplements might help with this issue.

This mineral takes part in regulating blood sugar, which in turn boosts absorption and distribution of nutrients from the food you eat. It may also optimize muscle mass and fat loss and reduce appetite and food intake.


It is a hormone that is present in your sleep-wake cycle. Melatonin production decreases with age, and this shortage could lead to health problems that go way beyond feeling drowsy.

Integrating this supplement in your diet can improve your total sleep time and sleep quality that will lower the risk of having chronic health conditions due to unfavourable sleep schedules.

Looking younger, maybe one of the reasons to use all these supplements in the first place, while others resort to facial surgery for instant changes. However, nothing beats being healthy inside and out no matter what your age is that it will produce the long-lasting result we want to achieve.

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