Collagen’s Role for Healthy Hair and Nails

One of the signs of ageing is the most usual that we see in our appearance. Such as hair thinning and hair breakage, while your nails become brittle and more prone to splitting or peeling. Most of this can be blamed to age, but sometimes, these can also imply nutrient deficiencies or underlying health issues.

Various factors may be the reason for the condition of your hair and nails, so it can be hard to understand what may be the cause of it. While some of it is out of your control (genetic predisposition), other reasons can be managed.

Here is why you might experience unhealthy hair or nails, and what you can do to prevent it.

Insufficient Collagen.

Collagen is a building block for your hair and nails, so a reduction of its production in the body can cause weak, peeling, or splitting nails as well as hair breakage and hair loss. Few studies have proven the relationship between lack of collagen and hair follicle regeneration with positive results by collagen supplementation.

Environmental Stressors.

There are free radicals all over us that damage your skin's natural integrity that can cause the same for your hair and nails. Having unhealthy hair and nails may mean your body cannot fight off the harmful effects as before.

Emotional or Physical Stress.

Stress wreaks havoc on your body in different ways. It negatively impacts skin, and can also lead to weak nail and hair loss. Many people also undergoing the following stages in their life may experience excessive hair loss: pregnancy, surgery, weight loss, or while recovering from a severe illness. Proper nutrient intake can help fight these symptoms.

Nutrient Deficiencies.

Fingernails and hair need adequate nutrient to grow well and stay healthy. When you are deficient in specific nutrients, you will see your nails and hair struggle to grow and retain sufficient moisture, further worsening its brittleness or breakage.

Collagen Supplements to the Rescue.

This is where collagen comes in. As mentioned above, the decrease of collagen production has a significant impact on the health and endurance of your hair and nails.

Luckily, collagen supplements can replenish collagen level in your body, boosting the strength and health of your hair and nails. It also aids in the production of keratin more efficiently in your body, and since hair is made primarily of keratin, it will then result in a much healthier looking hair.

Furthermore, since your hair follicles require healthy blood flow for the creation of new cells, having a collagen supplement included in your diet means better support in your blood circulation. Which will then result in an improved collagen level and help keep your follicles and nail beds healthy and productive.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and stock your house with a healthy marine collagen supplement that is not will not only make you feel young but look young too!

Restore your natural collagen levels and discover how strong and healthy your nails and hair can be. Fight brittle nails, hair loss, and other signs of ageing with Revite collagen today at

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