Collagen’s Role for Healthy Hair and Nails

Have you ever experience looking at the mirror and seeing your hair thinner than before? Or your nails breaking easily? Most of these are signs of ageing, but most often, it can mean that you have nutrient deficiencies affecting your hair and nails.

Many factors may cause hair breakage and brittle nails, while some of it is out of our control (age or genetics), others may still be prevented. Below are the potential reasons why.

Insufficient Collagen.

Few studies have proven the connection between the decrease in collagen and hair follicle regeneration, with positive results for hair loss from collagen supplementation.

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Environmental Stressors.

Free radicals are harmful to your skin's structural integrity that can affect your hair and nails.

Emotional or Physical Stress.

Stress disrupts your body in a numerous way, it now only impacts your skin, but it can also lead to weak nails and hair loss.

Nutrient Deficiencies.

When your body is deficient in specific nutrients, the body struggles to produce the needed energy to grow your hair and strengthen your nails.

How Nails, Hair, and Collagen Fits In.

You have to know first how nails and hair are made in your body. Nails are created from a small pocket under your skin called matrix, which regularly produces new keratin cells. Then those new cells bind the old cells together, where they harden and push through the skin.

Similarly, your hair growth has the same process; starting from a small pocket in your skin called follicle that also produces keratin cells which is responsible for hair growth that will then push through the skin's surface.

From these two standpoints, you can see how collagen is an integral part and building block of much of your body. It is vital for keratin production; that is why the reaction of hair and nails is directly proportional when collagen levels decrease.

Drinking Collagen Supplements Can Improve Hair and Nails.

Dwindling collagen level has a significant impact on the health and endurance of your hair and nails. Luckily, a collagen supplement can replenish these, boosting the body's ability to produce collagen efficiently.

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