How Boost Your Skin’s Natural Moisture Factor

We all have *that* friend, you know, the one who always seems to have that amazingly perfect skin without even using expensive skincare products? It seems they won the genetic lottery, but for most people, the search to find the right regimen and diet to achieve that smooth complexion is still elusive.

In an ideal world, and suitable conditions, our skin naturally does a great job in keeping itself moisturized. Our skin has a built-in system, also known as the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) - the reason together with impressive genes (ideal world right?) that makes up for a perfect skin with zero effort.

NMF is composed primarily of amino acids found within the top layer of skin that shields the skin, keeping it hydrated, healthy, and smooth. It is where most skincare products based on their inspiration from, to mirror the organic effect on our skin and achieve the same result.

So how can we reach this natural effect on our skin?

Skincare Regimen

Please keep it simple! We know doing 7 to 9 step routine is all the rage these days but hear me out, NMF irritation is directly proportional to the over-use of skincare products or over-exfoliation.

Eat Organic (free from additives)

Eating healthy has always been the golden rule for a well-balanced diet. Lean meat is essential to nourish skin, the same way as fish rich in omega-3 to brighten your dull skin, and do not forget to eat food with high water content to provide the much-needed moisture boost - composed of fruits such as watermelon, cucumber, apples, and oranges.

Protect with Supplements

Even with the best lifestyle choices, sometimes the skin still needs a little extra dose of support. Taking high-quality vitamins and supplements are expensive but are worth it.

Drink Up

Lastly, do not forget to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. The recommended daily intake of water is crucial to keep our skin moisturized naturally. If you find it hard to achieve this, you can infuse your water with lemon, fresh mint, or even cucumber to spice things up.

There is no direct way of replicating NMF effect on our body, but with the right balance and combination of diet, supplements, and lifestyle change - we may succeed in doing so.

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