How Much Marine Collagen Should I Take?

Dietary supplements are mainstream these days. From A to Z, it looks like there are endless options out there. There is something for every issue you may encounter with your body and overall health.

One of the best know multi-tasking supplement is collagen. Its benefits are numerous and extensive. But at how much should you intake per day?

The first way to determine is by reading the label (how touche, right?) of your purchase and check what is the recommended daily serving is. In the off chance, you cannot see a label; it is essential to know that the daily dosage can vary depending on your size, weight, and goals.

To circle back to the types of collagen, they are manufactured in many forms. There are pills, tablets, powder (can be added to smoothies or mixed into any beverage), and via intravenous way.

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From a scientific standpoint, it is something to remember that collagen is a kind of protein. "So when you're trying to determine how much collagen you need, the first step is to calculate how much protein your body needs daily," explains Dr Whitney Bowe. "A good general rule is to aim to get about as many grams of protein as your weight in pounds." On a more general level, Dr Bowe says the magic number is two scoops of collagen powder daily. "It's not recommended to take more than that," she says, noting that there are 20 milligrams of collagen in each scoop.

From a dietary perspective, here is a breakdown of dosage by the desired effect:

  • 5-10 grams of collagen each day

  • Increases glycine production

  • Increases proline production

  • 10-15 grams of collagen each day

  • Increases energy

  • Promotes a healthy weight

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Promotes gut health

  • Improves digestion

  • Promotes healthier hair, skin, and nails

  • 30 grams of collagen each day

  • Promotes whole-body healing

  • Promotes joint health

  • Replenishes cells

  • Builds muscle

As of writing, there are no proven side effects of taking collagen as part of your diet. One of the best things about it is that it is a safe supplement to use and see what works for you. However, do not be stressed if you have taken more than the indicated dosages above, it is not dangerous if you take more than the recommended.

Generally speaking, collagen is right for your health. But as in all things in life, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. That is why, in essence, it is vital to have a well-balanced diet and to use supplements as just that - support a healthy diet.

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