How Sugar Destroys Skin Collagen

We see it from advertisements and marketed in different forms - that sugar is harmful to our body. But do you know it can be equally damaging for our skin?

Although it is hard to stay away entirely from sugar when it exists in almost every products we eat: from natural foods (fruits and vegetables), to cereals, dressings, pastries (cakes and bread), processed foods, and our most treasured chocolates.

On the flip side, we also need to know why your body needs sugar. Continue reading below to understand its purpose in the human body and how much sugar is enough before it gets worse for our health.

Why do we need it?

Sugar is a form of carbohydrate that is crucial to your body and health and keeps up alive because it acts as energy food for our cells and brain. The cells in the human body require sugar for energy. As sugar cannot go directly into most cells, this is where insulin comes in. Signal coming from the pancreas causes the release of insulin into our bloodstream. It is the reason why insulin is commonly called key which unlocks the cell to allow sugar to enter and used for energy.

What does too much sugar do to your skin?

In the event of too much sugar intake, they quickly break down into unused glucose and make insulin levels to shoot up, which then lead to stress and inflammation. This process is called glycation when excess sugar latches to the fats and proteins in your skin. In simpler terms, this will cause skin discolouration, leads to sagging skin, and wrinkles.

Stay away from natural sugar turned artificial.

When trying to lower your sugar intake, it is best to seek out sugar-free foods. Cut out food rich in sugar and especially food that contains artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose, and saccharin. Consuming sweeteners not only send a mixed signal to the brain (causing you to overeat) but it also promotes glycation in the body.

Collagen to supplement sugar in the body.

For every bottle of Revite, you will not only reap the anti-ageing benefit that works for your skin but also enjoys the experience without having the harmful side effects of too much sugar. As our products, after all, is formulated from non-GMO ingredients used with no artificial preservatives designed to gives skin a radiant, youthful appearance at

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