How to Avoid Congestion and Dry Irritated Skin During Lock Down

Most probably, you noticed that your skin has become dry even if you never went outside these past few months. This condition is now being called isolation skin by experts - a state where stress, lack of exercise, and time in stuffy rooms can lead to breakouts and dryness.

Generally, this time of the year, people are going out to have fun under the sun. Activities such as going out for a swim (in a beach or pool), getting together with family and friends, and hiking in the mountains are the top things to do. These activities allow you to have a healthy dose of UV light that puts a glow in your skin.

With the ongoing quarantine, being stuck inside reverses this effect. However, sunlight and UV rays can still penetrate through glass windows and can cause skin pigmentation but being locked in the four corners of your room, amplifies the damage.

What is the indicator that your skin is dehydrated?

Now that restrictions are slowly easing up in some areas; this is the best time to get in touch with professionals. Many of the clinics were closed unfortunately because of the pandemic; however, most have resorted to offering consultations online, and you can grab this opportunity. Reach out to the nearest clinic near you to do a skin check-up.

However, if you are saving money and would not want to pay for a simple consult, you can do the age-old home remedies in your home. Europeans have long used olive oil to cleanse and nourish their skin. Pair it up with mashed avocado, and a teaspoon of honey then put it in your face as a mask when you feel your skin getting irritated. On a much cheaper side, plain yogurt and honey will do the trick too.

How to protect your skin from the computer glare?

Working from home is now the norm; this, we spend so much time on our computer and other digital devices. But did you know that it is clinically proven to be particularly bad for our skin? All electronic device emits a blue light known as HEV light, which can cause ageing and pigmentation in the skin.

For a quick fix that does not break the bank, you can buy a blue light shield for your phone or computers. It is also worth noting to check your phone or computer for any setting that disables the blue light in favour of a yellow (usually referred to as night mode).

How to avoid chapped hands?

These days, it is common to wash our hands more than 10x/day to prevent contamination. But this action will cause your hands to suffer from dry, itchy, irritated skin.

To remedy it, try a gentle scrub of mixed oatmeal or sea salt with olive oil to remove dead skin. You can also use rubber gloves when washing the dishes and do not forget to apply a nourishing cream or lotion after drying out your hands.

What foods and supplements will aid in skin nourishment during a lock down?

It is challenging to buy the foods regularly, notably if you are also missing eating out at your favourite restaurant. You can do your best to make sure you are purchasing healthy foods as much as possible.

Stay hydrated and drink the recommended daily water intake. You can combine it plant-based drinks of fermented food such as kombucha to help support a healthy biome and have you skin blooming for within.

Lastly, adding collagen supplement in your diet to nourish your skin from the inside out. Collagens are well known for enhancing overall skin health and hydration levels that result in a natural glow and reduce inflammation. You can head over our website to check our best selling marine collagen at www.

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