How To Reverse The Pandemic Ageing And Turn Back Your Biological Clock

The current pandemic and subsequent lockdown all over the world have been stressful for everyone. It is noticeable that fatigue shows up not only physically in our face but also on what they call as COVID weight. Maskne (mask acne) is now a thing, especially if you are wearing a mask on the daily.

However, you should not panic and start looking for open offices to book an appointment to go under surgery, as this will all pass. Take assurance in the fact that this is not a permanent situation we are all in.

As Professor Birch-Machin from the National Innovative Centre for Ageing at Newcastle University commented that the skin has an immense ability to bounce back and renew itself. If you do the right things and be mindful of what you put into your body, then it will significantly improve your overall health and revert the perception you have aged prematurely.

This can be applied not only to your skin but also to your body. It is only natural that the strain of lockdown is shown in our complexion and general well-being. However, making a few lifestyle changes will result in a change that refreshes your skin and nudge you to take more steps in the right direction.

No matter how old you look and feel right now, you can start taking steps to a better you.

Healthy Diet. Start switching your usual binge-watching snack for a healthier version. Now is the times to begin, including more fruits and vegetables to your daily diet to enjoy a full range of nutrients.

Stay Hydrated. Consume the suggested water intake in a day and avoid drinking alcohol in the meantime as alcohol is one of the leading cause of weight gain and also leads to broken facial capillaries.

Keep Moving. Have you stopped exercising when lockdown started? It is now time to pick up your running shoes and start moving again. There are several videos online that you can follow while in the comforts of your home, or chores that can serve as your daily exercise. It also releases our natural happy hormones that can boost our mood for the day.

Drink Supplements. Some minerals are out of reach to us, but thankfully, having resources such as vitamin supplements is win. It is convenient to take a few capsules of collagen to top up your usual beauty routine. And better yet, adding topical collagen to boost your skin's collagen production.

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