Increase Your Daily Step Count Amid Pandemic

With most of our daily routine affected during this pandemic, it can be even more challenging to maintain an exercise routine. If you were one of those gym rats who never misses a day in the gym, you most likely miss sweating out the stress away. And now, more than ever, exercising has become even more critical. It proves to have a significant impact on the anxiety and cabin fever most people are struggling with nowadays. It can aid in releasing stress and alleviating depression.

It is normal to feel out of sync and less motivated to do anything since your routine was turned upside down. But do not be too hard on yourself, even a small amount of movement - like a walk around the block can transform you. As millions of people around the world follow the protocol of social distancing, there is another thing they can do to protect their long-term health (physically and mentally): and that is, increasing your daily step count.

Here are some tips on how to keep on moving even during this time of quarantine, whether you are just starting to get back in shape or a seasoned fitness guru.

Walking during the quarantine.

First, make sure that is is safe to do it around your area. There are places where it is now allowed to leave your home for exercise and walk your dogs. But be cautious when planning to go to hiking trails or beaches and protect yourself at all times.

If you are walking within the perimeter of your place, always check if you have the six-foot-wide distance when doing so.

Not just walking.

You can do gardening, work in your yard, or do the projects in the garage you had been putting off those years ago. These activities could add to your step count without even leaving your house.

Take a break.

If you have been working from home, make sure to take a break every hour to keep your legs moving. Saved alarms in your phone then do a quick stretch or walk to your balcony, or better yet - try climbing the stairs for a comfortable workout.

Do Chores.

Doing the dishes, cooking, and cleaning is no fun. But when you can use these activities to add more steps in your daily count, it will go a long way.

Take A Jump.

It is about time to take out those skipping ropes from your garage and start using them! You can do jumping jacks exercise and use skipping ropes to put a fun twist in your exercise. You can stay in one place at your home while doing this.

Do Not Stand, Keep Moving.

During your break and you are making a cup of tea, do not just stand there while waiting for it to boil. Walk around your kitchen while doing so. Or when you get a call, step out of the balcony and walk while you talk.


Feeling exhausted after completing your work for the day? Then bust out those dancing shoes and dance it all away. There are now videos on the internet with easy to follow dance routine that will leave you feeling happy and refreshed after.

Our current situation may have hindered your usual routine. While you are doing your best to adapt, there may be times you do not feel like it. Should this be the case, try focusing on taking just that one step, then another extra step, and soon you will find yourself moving to your rhythm.

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