Know The Ways You Can Go Veggie This Week

As climate change and environmental awareness is now a topic that most people are down for, more and more people have started to go with a plant-based diet or vegetarian lifestyle.

More than its sustainability, eating vegetables has a fantastic plethora of effects on your health too; from reducing inflammation, boosting fibre intake, lowering our cholesterol to even as a support in your weight loss journey.

Are you on the fence and is thinking of giving it a go? Here are our handpicked ways to integrate vegetables in your diet slowly.

Explore the possibilities.

Have you ever tried something new lately? Believe it or not, vegetarians do not merely live off by eating salads; they have found ways always to try something different from our usual everyday veggies. This could be seen in the way they cook or how they add jackfruit in chilli or cook marinated tofu together with stir fry.

One step at a time.

This huge step in your lifestyle does not necessarily apply to go big or go home. Instead, you can do it by starting with simple swaps in your daily diet, from using lentils in a classic bolognese rather than beef or turkey mince, alternatively adding chickpeas to curry, to cooking bean chilli with black and kidney beans.

Create a day for veggie eating.

If going green seems like a daunting task, why not make it fun and set aside a day to celebrate it. Why not start with Meat-Free Mondays? In this way, you can get a thrill of eating sensational vegetarian foods then slowly build up to adding it on your everyday meals.

Plan Ahead.

Meal preparation has never been this enjoyable. Going into a vegetarian diet would be easier if you plan. After all, most vegetables spoil quickly than eating foods with preservatives; it is better to have a meal plan to be prepared in this scenario. You can dedicate Sunday afternoons to meal prep - cooking batches of healthy and nutritious meals that you can enjoy for the rest of the week.

Trade Cow's Milk for Nut Milk.

We grew up drinking cow's milk for breakfast, but there is a rise of dairy-free milk, starting with a nut type of milk in the market. It is the perfect time to try and experiment with one of the nut milk as an alternative. You can use oat milk as froth for a latte, pour cashew milk on homemade granola, and blending almond milk into one of your smoothies.

And what do you know, eating mainly vegetables can also aid in your skin regeneration, resulting in a refreshing and dewy look. This is only one of the benefits of going green, and to optimize your experience, pair them up with a collagen supplement to amp up the nutritional value. You can visit our website to know more at

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