Marine Collagen for Joints

You most likely heard the buzz around town, that gelatin, collagen supplements and even bone broth will cause arthritis relief. However, can collagen supplements or bone broth be that effective?

First, let us discuss what collagen is. It is one of the most vital protein and is found substantially in your body. Usually, this supplement is connected mainly to the skin or hair products, but it is underrated in its benefit to improve our joint health. It is high time to put that in the limelight.

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Are you aware that as we age our collagen production decreases and it is this loss in production that affects our joints and bones?

Good news! Studies have shown that including marine collagen in your dietary supplement can help in fighting these effects in our body.

One of the studies shows how bone strength increases as it aids in the absorption of calcium and other minerals that is essential for bone strength.

It also minimizes inflammation as collagen acts as a glue that holds our bones together and provides the ability to glide and move without pain. Most studies are showing that it helps in running joints smoothly, lessens the pain linked with ageing, and even lowers the risk of joint deterioration.

One of the best examples is the published report from the Penn State University that performed a study to examine the effect of collagen on activity-related joint pain in athletes. They learned that supplementation with collagen reduces the risk of joint deterioration in a high-risk group.

Another study shows that orally administered collagen stimulates a statistically significant increase in the combination of extracellular matrix macromolecules by chondrocytes. These findings led scientists to conclude that supplementation with collagen is effective for osteoarthritis and other arthritic conditions.

Experiencing pain can hinder us from performing our everyday activities and affect our quality of life. It is with this idea on mind that has provided an alternative option in supplementing our diet to achieve an overall healthy body.

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