Our Top Tips For Beautiful Skin At Any Age – In Your 30’s

Being in your thirties and thriving, this is the time of change in the skin as the growth hormone starts to slow down, and collagen levels begin to decline. Because of this, the skin takes longer to repair itself, and the hormone level is changing to cause more problems.

At Revite, we are delighted to know that many of our customers are in their late 20's to early '30s. Most of you have probably heard the mantra, if only I knew then what I know now. Well, that can also be applied to your skincare routine.

Below are our top tips to help you avoid some of the pitfalls and make you coast through this decade.

Sun Protection. The first thing to remember is prevention. And using good quality sun protection all year round is one of the best you can do for your skin. UVA are the ageing rays, and they are affecting our skin not only in summer but just as strong on cold winters.

Pigmentation. Pregnancy at this age can cause skin problems such as melasma and further intensified with exposure to the sun. There are lovely arrays of skin brightening products that are available in the market. Remember to check the ingredients and make sure that collagen is included on them.

Exfoliation. Sloughing dead skin cell off your skin helps speed up cell renewal and keep it looking young and fresh. The growing popularity of masks and gentle peels can also be beneficial.

Healthy Lifestyle. Eating a healthy and varied diet, controlling alcohol intake, and reducing sugar and processed foods. These are only a few of the lifestyle changes you can make on your routine that will result in fabulous skin. Remember, what you put inside your body matters as much as what you slather with it on the outside.

Supplement for the over 30's. As collagen levels are starting to diminish, this is the perfect time to add a collagen supplement. You will soon see your skin becoming brighter and fresher. Not only it will make your skin look younger, but it also protects your skin from the inside out and aid with protection from free radicals.

With the influx of collagen in the market, it is best to buy from a trusted brand. Here at Revite, we pride ourselves with the passion and excellence of providing high-quality product using sustainable ingredients. That is why our marine collagen is considered one of the best and effective collagen in business.

Then what are you waiting for? Head over our website at www.revite.co to order and your skin will thank you for it!

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