Reverse Thinning Hair - 5 Ways To Thicken Your Hair Naturally

Most of us have that dream of having long luscious hair that you can style it any way you want to match your current mood. But, there are specific issues you will come across n your journey to thicker and lush hair.

Please read on below as we explain the reasons our hair thins out and ways how to avoid it.

First, know what hair is made of.

Hair contains a protein known as keratin, which can also be found not just in hair but in nails and outer layer of the skin.

Hair follicles are what controls hair growth; these are sacs that surround the root of the hair. The hair bulbs at the base of each hair follicle are the place where hair cells grow and divide, which results in hair growth.

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What can be the causes of thinning hair?

1 Clogged Hair Follicles. When hair follicles are blocked, it shrinks that causes the number of hairs growing to be reduced. This is most often the most common reason for thinning hair.

2 Dandruff. When your scalp is irritated, you tend to scratch it too much, which will then result in hair loss.

3 Ageing and hormones. As we age, hair follicles naturally shrink the same way as skin become wrinkled. There is also hormonal hair loss for both men and women that can happen when you start reaching the menopausal stage.

4 Malnutrition. Not getting the proper vitamins (iron and vitamin B12) your body needs can result in hair loss. These vitamin deficiencies affect the red blood cell that nourishes our hair cells (vitamin B12) and decrease of hair cells (iron).

5 Chemical processing. Too much of something is always wrong, take for example having too many chemicals in your hair. Hair dye, perming, chemical straightening can damage and weaken your hair. Even the use of heat styling and wearing tight buns or ponytails can put stress on hair that may cause hair loss.

Now, is there anything you can do to thicken hair naturally?

1 Use a boar brush. From the name itself, this type of brush uses boar bristles which are known for making hair look amazingly healthy and shiny. Boar brush can aid with scalp exfoliation to unclog dandruff and oils in the hair. Additionally, it also stimulates the scalp to promote blood flow to specific areas which is vital in activating hair growth. Brushing regularly with a good quality brush is one of the cheapest and simplest hair treatment you can add to your routine.

2 Rinse with beer. I know this may sound weird, but hear me out. Beer contains a mineral called silica which is often used as hair and nail supplement. It also helps in cleansing your scalp from any blockage. Best use to rinse hair with beer after shampooing and massage scalp for 1 minute. Then rinse it with water after, try doing this few time a week to see results.

3 Apply oatmeal in hair. Specifically, use and oatmeal that has been ground and boiled as this method was proven effective in treating dry and itchy skin because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Instead of using chemicals, this organic way of treating eczema is both sustainable and affordable.

4 Nourish your hair with nutrients. Proper diet and hair health is directly proportional as what most studies suggest. So it is not surprising that to have those long luscious locks, you should eat healthy foods rich in vitamins and minerals and avoid too many fats in your daily food intake.

5 Supplement with Collagen. We know that hair is made of keratin, and taking a collagen supplement can help in increasing keratin production. Furthermore, this surplus of collagen can even act as an antioxidant to keep your hair free of free radical damage.

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