Skin Detox Regimen - Inside and Out

Detoxes are very popular, especially on mainstream health and wellness enthusiast. It is more prevalent now that the effects of being lockdown at home are showing.

However, your body is not the only thing that needs the occasional detox--- the skin can benefit from one too!

But first, what is a skin detox?

It is the same thing as the nutritional gut detox for the body; a skincare detox is a reset for your skin. This encompasses removing dead skin cells, environmental pollutants, and impurities so that a refreshed and healthy skin will emerge. More than getting rid of toxins on your skin, it also includes making changes on the things you put inside your body as well.

What are the signs you need a skin detox?

Look out for the following indication on your skin: dry patches, uneven skin tone, breakouts, fine lines, and excess oil. Sometimes, skin rashes, acne, and eczema are included in this list.

So now onto the million-dollar questions, how do you detox your skin?

Exercise. There are no questions that exercise is good for the body, but many are not aware it is also equally great for your skin. Sweating from exercise plus going into hot steam after, not only increases blood circulation, but it also cleanses and eliminates toxins from your skin.

Hydrate. Drinking the recommended water intake a day is vital in keeping your skin appearing young and flushing out toxins that cause ageing. If you find drinking plain water boring, you may add lemon or cucumber to spice it up and still have the same effect on the body.

Healthy Lifestyle. Detox to be effective should be done from the inside out. To start, dieticians suggested cutting off any processed foods, artificial or refined sugars, and dairy on your daily diet. After cutting the bad, it is time to start adding in the good, such as incorporating more fruits and vegetables and staying organic as much as possible.

Double cleanse. Cleaning your skin twice is a great habit to include in your skin routine. It can be one of the most efficient ways of removing impurities on the skin. You can use an oil or cream cleanser first, then follow it up with gentle foaming cleanser.

Nourish with Supplements. Drinking vitamins infused with micronutrients will do wonders for the skin, primarily collagen. It acts as an antioxidant in the body that means it is effective in removing and reversing free radical damage and toxins.

Take our product REVITE Collagen, for example; it is an all-in-one immune system booster marine collagen multivitamin that is fantastic for the skin—organically sourced with non-GMO ingredients used with no artificial fillers or preservatives. This will give the skin a radiant, youthful appearance which exactly how you want your skin to look and feel after a skin detox.

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