Top Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin in Winter

Winter is coming in a few months. As such, the daily struggle to keep your skin from getting dry and itchy is approaching. There is unlimited online articles or blogs written about this, but would they make a difference?

But first, let us discuss why is our skin undergoing these changes during this season. It is a given fact that skin is the largest organs in our body and is the one separating the inside with the outside. However, there are particular conditions in which this separator can become red and irritated.

What are the common problem areas in our body?


Hands can become damaged and wrinkled during this season if you are not taking the necessary precaution.

Try to avoid alcohol-based sanitizers if possible, and protect by applying a moisturizer first before putting on your gloves. Also, you can use moisturizer and leave it overnight on your hands when you sleep.


Legs can get try and get rashes, which is not an issue if you will be wearing sweatpants all throughout the year. But will not be a good look once summer rolls in.

You can use body scrub to leave your skin flake-free.


Dried and chapped lips are also a regular occurrence on these months. Some lip balms include carcinogenic ingredients that may harm your lips more, and luckily, there are natural ways to protect your lips.

To remove dead skin, gently brush your skin using a soft toothbrush and apply a natural balm after or use a homemade mixture of olive oil and fine grain Himalayan salt to your lips.


The lack of moisture in the air can make your eyes dry and irritated; this is specifically worse to those who suffer from a dry eye condition and people wearing contact lenses, eyeglasses, and allergy sufferers.

To combat this, use eye drops to keep your eyes moistened. Avoid rubbing them as much as possible and wear protective eye wear when out in the cold.


Winter is the time to step up your skincare routine. What works in the summer may leave you feeling inadequate throughout winter.

How to best clean your winter skin? Use a gentle cleanser and lessen your frequency of exfoliating weekly to 1-2 times a week. For your toner, choose a hydrating one to minimize open pores and subdue inflammation. Lastly, do not forget to apply a moisturizer before heading out and leaving them overnight if you must.

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Being the biggest organ in the body, how can you moisturize your skin all day?

Drink Water Regularly.

Dehydration is the main reason when it comes to dry skin and cracked lips. Make it a practice to drink the recommended amount of water throughout the day. If you are having a hard time following this, you can try drinking infused water for an added flavor or drink herbal teas to keep you calm too.

Keep The Showers Short And Sweet.

It is inviting after a long day of work to draw yourself a hot batch, especially when it is cold outside. However, hot showers and long baths are a big no-no during this season. This action will strip away the necessary oils in your body, leaving your skin irritatingly red and itchy. So make sure to lessen your shower (just for a few months!) and reserve your bubbly bath in the summer.

Get Your Beauty Sleep.

During winter, our body metabolism slows down. If it is possible, make sure to go to bed early and get at least 8 hours sleep for our body to hydrate and nourish while you sleep.

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