What Are Your Food Cravings Telling You?

Food cravings are nothing new, especially if you are dieting or doing your best to lose weight. Fighting them off is like being punched a few times. However, studies suggest that these impulses may be more than simple urges - they also tell us what our body needs.

We currently live in a generation that prohibits you into giving in to your cravings. We were taught that they are forbidden fruits not allowed to be touched or eaten. Sadly, this should not be the case. In reality, cravings are not the problem; instead, it is how we are interpreting the signals our body has been telling us. And it is now our duty to translate it in a healthy and mindful way.

Here are ideas on how you can manage those cravings responsibly.

Food Cravings for Sweets.

Ice creams have the reputation of being a break-up food. Same goes for all sweets, as a craving for sugar can mean your body is telling you to prioritize your emotional health.

Studies show its typical for people to crave for cakes, chocolates, or cookies when they are undergoing stress, sadness, or even anger. To combat these cravings, taking a breather by hiking or meditating can help with your emotional stress.

And so is drinking a collagen supplement to help prevent a rollercoaster of blood sugar spikes and drops. Collagen is an essential protein that can lessen sugar cravings by maintaining fullness and balance in your blood sugar levels. Check out our best selling collagen at www.revite.co

Food Craving for Something Crunchy.

Eating nuts can be a healthy snack, but consuming large amounts of it can signal an inner frustration and irritation. The act of chewing and cracking the food in your mouth can temporarily release the tension, but once it stops, the disappointment returns. That is why most people can end up inhaling an entire bag of chips when in the mood.

A better way to release that tension is by engaging with physical sports like boxing and doing any form of exercise. By punching all those anger away, or sweating it off, will release endorphins that will boost your mood for the day. For snacks, you can pack carrots instead to have that crunch still but is a healthier option.

Food Craving for Carbs.

While cravings for pasta, bread, pizza, and other carbohydrates can mean various physiological reasons, including a high insulin lever or low blood sugar, studies show there is a higher chance that you are depriving yourself of this nutrient.

Usually, when people are under a strict diet, the first one to go is carbs. But your body still needs them to function in peak form. As a resolution, you can eat foods like sweet potatoes, corn, and oats (still high in carbs but low in calories) as a substitute option.

Food Craving for Salt.

Have you ever experienced completing a strenuous activity and suddenly wanting to eat salty food like a bag of chips? Then you are not alone. This is so because your body burned a ton of calories and is ready for refuel - but craving for salt is likely to be due to dehydration and electrolyte imbalance.

Try first to drink a sports drink to satisfy your cravings. If it does not do it, eat fruits like limes, strawberries, and watermelon for natural flavour.

Craving for Caffeine.

We always drink coffee to start our day. It makes us feel energetic and helps us through our day to get the perk you up feeling you need. However, most of the time, it only means we are not drinking enough water that leads to lack of energy.

So before buying that latte, you desire, drink a glass of water first and feel its effects instead of dashing over your favourite coffee place.

One of the main factors the body craves food when you are on a diet is because it needs more energy. And calories are a unit of energy. This entails sending out signals that give you a powerful desire to eat a particular type of food rich in that kind of protein. But, do not forget that we have an alternative source of energy available to us that is calorie-free, extra sleep and rest—and also drinking a supplement to replenish the energy lost during the day.

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