Why You Need To Activate Nuts And Seeds

There has been a bizarre phenomenon gaining popularity with the health food world in recent years. From an observer, it might look like out of topic since it is not about milk lattes, green smoothies, or bulletproof coffees. This trend entails you to "activate" nuts and seeds. Yes, you heard it right, activating nuts and seeds is slowly gaining its momentum. And there is some solid science to back it up.

Nuts are recognized as a great source of essential fats, minerals, proteins, and antioxidants. However, it is also noted that they make you feel full, heavy, and can be rough on digestion. So if you want to eat nuts in larger quantities, and still have a good gut feeling, activated nuts are highly recommended.

Nuts and seeds comprise of natural chemicals: phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors. The enzyme inhibitors prevent nuts from prematurely sprouting, but this is not good for the human body as it can cause block our metabolic enzymes which play a vital role in processing the food we eat. This, in turn, makes nuts hard to digest. On the other hand, phytic acid can attach to minerals such as iron, zinc, and manganese, that slows down or hinders their absorption. This results in our body missing out on their beneficial qualities. Now, this is where activated nuts come in - soaking nuts in water neutralizes the natural chemicals, and the protein and vitamin contents increases. Nuts and seeds then become quicker to digest and more nutritious than non activated ones.

Basically, should you plan to consume significant amounts of grains, legumes, nuts or seeds, then you may want to consider using traditional techniques in food preparation. From soaking, fermenting, sprouting (or using an acidic medium) to activate these foods and make their nutritional benefits available to your body.

Different nuts need a specific time to soak. As is with nuts and seeds, the process of soaking is necessary to activate them. Typically, the nuts are soaked in water to reduce the phytic acid. Sometimes, you can add salt to the water as it aids in neutralizing enzyme inhibitors. After rinsing (and sometimes seasoning), dry the nuts at a low temperature usually by using a dehydrator. To preserve the nutrients and get better taste, the ideal temperature should be not over 70°C. It usually takes 12-24 hours to complete the process, but it worth the wait. Once you taste them, you know what we are talking about.

Once you eat activated nuts and seeds, you may observe that you will not feel as bloated when you are after eating them in their natural state. Being an excellent source of protein, nuts and seeds and essential to include in your diet, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Or if you are just nuts about nuts (yes we did that) snacking on activated nuts every day will make you feel good even if you got carried away.

Different varieties of seeds and nuts can bring such health benefits which even vitamins does not offer. Most of the nuts and seeds help boost our collagen levels naturally.

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